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  • Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd

    It was fantastic to exhibit at HNC 2018 and participate in the conference and key events. It was very well organised by CCCMHPIE and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting government representatives and fellow industry participants to discuss the latest developments and trends within China’s health industry. Congratulations and thank you!

  • Complementary Medicines Australia

    The Australian Complementary Medicines Industry took the opportunity to showcase its Australian brands and manufacturers at Healthplex 2018. The expo provided an excellent forum for our industry to showcase not only our quality, clean and green credentials but also share the enthusiasm that consumers have for our products with a range of distributors and e-commerce practioners. This expo provided a wonderful environment for our industry to develop strong positive collaborations. Well done HNC!

  • Lipa Pharmaceuticals

    As the largest annual festival in dietary supplements in China, Healthplex 2018 has provided us with a wonderful platform to learn the newest technologies in the industry, to share the latest healthcare market trends and demands from the customers, to communicate with trading partners and raw materials suppliers, to demonstrate our core competence in front of our customers and suppliers. We have been there to seek for all sorts of new innovative ideas and opportunities that may help to further develop our business in the massive health industry. Thanks to the trade organizers for their professional services and quality work and we wish to see you again in 2019!

  • Robinson Pharma

    HNC is a professional trading platform for exhibitors to promote the new products and increase company's brand awareness. We met many new clients at HNC 2016 and received some feedbacks after exhibiting the show. We will continue to support HNC in the furture.

  • Lallemand Health Solutions

    We have exhibited HNC for many editions and witnessed the development of HNC. HNC is developing with the expanded scale these years and gathers more and more C-suite buyers. We trust HNC will bring us more benefits and we have already booked a stand for next year.


    This year is the third year that GELITA from Germany has attended HNC. We thought the development of HNC in the three years was successful, because HNC gathered more and more outstanding brands and professional visitors. The on-site seminars held by us also attracted many targeted clients, and many audiences joined in the interactive section. Thus, we will participate in HNC next year and expand our booth further. Hope HNC will be more successful!

  • Benlong(Tianjin) International Trade Co.,Ltd

    HNC is very professional. The exhibitors extremely hope that there will be a professional platform, and we thanks HNC for providing us with this. Benlong will bring the health products imported from Japan to attend HNC 2017! Look forward to seeing you.

  • China Meheco Corporation

    It’s the seventh year that we have attended HNC. There was only one hall for HNC at the beginning, but now it has been expanded to three halls and has become the dedicated event for the health industry. We grow up with HNC in the seven years, and we hope not only the exhibition but also our company will develop better. See you next year!

  • Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group

    We gained many at HNC 2016. We thanked HNC for offering us an international platform to expand the overseas market and let us exhibit with so many local and international leading companies. We believe that HNC will grow stronger, and Xiuzheng will continue to develop internationally. The Chinese health industry will get better!

  • New Health Products, Co,Ltd.

    We are very satisfied with the efforts of this professional convention. It’s brought us lots of opportunities to meet with our potential customers and promote our products and values. We are looking forward to coming back in 2017!

  • Guangdong Yuewei Edible Fungi Technology Co., Ltd.

    HNC not only provided good custom resources from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and the north area of Yangtze River, but also offered a comprehensive high-end platform to manufacturers. Hope HNC will be more successful. We will take part in HNC next year!

  • Xuancheng Braveiy Bioegineering CO.,LTD

    The security was good and the visitors were professional. The service provided by the organizer met our demands well except the arrangement of move-out time.


    The scale of HNC 2016 was large and both the layout of the halls and the promotion effect was excellent, which made us achieve our purpose for exhibiting the show. We hope HNC will develop better in the future and look forward to the next participation and promoting the idea of health and nature.

  • Weihai Baihe Biology Technological Co.,ltd

    The exhibition gathered many professionals from the health industry, which benefited the enterprises’ promotion and the expansion of domestic and overseas markets.

  • Guangzhou Aoungo Bio-Tech Co., Ltd

    HNC provided a great communication platform for the health industry and attracted many professionals at home and abroad, which reflected our company’s idea of “Health has no boundary”. Wish the exhibition will be better and better!